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What prompted us to start WinningEdge - Our Story!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Rob, an Integration Manager for a large health insurance company had a need to hire an SOA analyst for his team on a new digital transformation project. The analyst needs to drive web service requirements, document system design, use cases, security needs, and finally documentation on their API Portal.

So, he shares the requirement with their partnering recruitment company, one of the US largest staffing companies. They had always been awesome in scouting the right talent for the general roles. But this time, it was a disappointment. The recruitment company has clearly not understood the technical requirement after glancing through the resumes. They are mostly data and systems analysts resume with some knowledge of web services. None of the candidates have the niche expertise he is looking for.

And this is not just the story of Rob. Every hiring manager must go through this at some point in time when they must work with partner recruitment companies who are usually great at sourcing candidates for generic roles. But they clearly struggle when it comes to finding candidates with niche technical skills and key strategic technical roles for lead, solution, and enterprise architect types.

That is because most of the account managers and recruiters who work for these recruitment companies do not have the technical skillsets and background to understand the requirements in detail and more importantly the practical knowledge on what the candidate needs to do on a day-to-day basis.

The founders of WinningEdge when working as IT managers had many similar experiences and this is how WinningEdge was born.

We recognized that there is a gap when it comes to niche technical recruitment, and we aim to fill that gap. We differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack by engaging directly with the hiring manager to understand their big vision, road map, high-level architecture, and the need for the role.

We just do not work on a job description. But we connect and speak directly with the hiring managers to gauge their staffing requirement or the challenges they face with other staffing companies to hire the right technical talent and their cultural needs. We ask a lot of relevant implementation-related questions and technical details that empower us to source better for you.

Armed with our years of technical expertise and domain knowledge with various technologies and coupled with the insights from the hiring managers, we have poised ourselves in a better position to help you find the best niche expert talents.

If you have needs and would like to set up a free consultation, click here.

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