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Ajay Kumar Singh, Director, Data Management

WinningEdge is not a typical Talent Agency. 
They will work diligently to understand your needs to provide a real solution to your problem, as opposed to merely finding a workable hire. Their ability to understand the technical job description and needs is excellent as founding team members come from a strong IT background which separates them from others. 

How Winningedge Helped ATCC Find A Contract Hire Who Could Do It All.


Winning Edge had been working with ATCC for roughly three years, having been introduced to Ajay by his boss. In that short time, They were able to demonstrate their knack for understanding client needs and finding skillful contract and full time hires. They were not just good on paper; their flexibility and thoroughness made them the ideal Talent Agency for filling a variety of roles.


ATCC needed to make a key contract hire who could fulfill multiple roles. The person had to to have a strong background in SQL, a thorough understanding of the data warehouse pipeline, and a positive, engaged demeanor suitable for interacting with users. ATCC needed someone who could shift between these various responsibilities with ease.


After meeting with Ajay one on one, the team applied the specific set of needs facing ATCC to the search. They were able to vet candidates based on their technical skills while also assessing whether a given candidate would be a good cultural fit at ATCC. After the search was completed, they passed along a small list of candidates. The whole process didn’t take more than one and a half weeks. 


The contract hire transitioned into a full time role within six months of coming on board. She successfully spearheaded a crucial data cleaning effort that previous hires struggled to complete. This key data heightened the quality of ATCC content, which in turn drove website traffic. In conjunction with her nimble skillset, the new hire’s cultural fit made her an immediate asset to the ATCC team.

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