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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Recruiting for the underrepresented

    As a Minority-Owned Certified Business, Diversity Is In Our DNA

    According to McKinsey and Deloitte, companies with Diversity & Inclusion are statistically outperforming their peers. Gender-diverse companies can outperform competitors by 15% and ethnically-diverse companies by 35%.

    What Is Diversity Sourcing?
    Diversity sourcing is the process of recruiting candidates that aren’t represented within an organization in order to meet DEI goals. This does not mean you should haphazardly start hiring people to fill diversity gaps and then declare victory. Diversity sourcing needs to be a systematic process where you use data to determine what groups are currently represented and create a plan to address any shortfalls in staffing. In addition, you need to analyze your existing hiring funnels in order to ensure that candidates from untapped backgrounds are represented throughout the hiring process, and if there is a certain point where this talent drops off, determine what is precluding candidates from going further down the line.

    At WinningEdge, we help companies recruit underrepresented talent, achieving unbiased talent representation for their organizations.
     Our goal is to help our customers achieve their DE&I goals. We have dedicated diversity recruiters, resulting in 80% diversity of our US candidate pipeline . Our solutions merge powerful technologies, highly experienced recruiters, candidate databases and social media groups to add a diverse pool of candidates to the funnel.
    Diversity is Part of Our Organizational Model
    Our organization is diverse by nature, starting with our executive leadership. Our highly experienced management team has both strong Asian and Female representation, more than 60% of our overall staff is female and minority.
    WinningEdge Diversity Sourcing Best Practices
    “Sourcing untapped talent is effortless” — said no one ever.

    Commitment and hard work are required to build an equitable pipeline. Sourcing underserved talent does come with its own obstacles, but by following the below best practices, WinningEdge makes diversity recruitment plan more effective and impactful. 
    1. Assess the Diversity Landscape - Before we can implement a successful recruitment plan, we start by understanding our customer's organization in terms of diversity. What underserved communities do you want to attract? Do you have any trouble retaining certain groups of individuals? How many applicants from underserved communities have made it to a position’s shortlist? Studying customer metrics carefully to get a full picture of the diversity shortfalls in order to create an effective plan that will help correct them.
    2. Create Measurable Goals - After painting a full picture of what needs to improve in terms of customers diversity recruitment strategy, it’s time to set some measurable goals.
    3. Build Relationships With Colleges, Industry Associations That Serve Untapped Communities
    4. Keywords in Job Postings - The keywords put in job posts can either encourage
      or discourage candidates from underrepresented backgrounds from applying, so it’s important to use inclusive language.
    5. Target Sources where diverse candidates congregate 
    6. Posting on diversity Job boards and specialized sites.
    7. Encourage diverse candidates to refer their connections 
    8. Train all staff in diversity recruiting


    Contact US today about your diversity, equity and inclusion needs.
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