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Fixing low Job Post engagement starts with understanding its cause

Recently I was in a conversation with a prospect who approached us to help find an architect-level resource on a niche technology. While conversing, it came to light that they have posted about the opening in the career section of their website and were waiting for candidates to apply.

Unfortunately, it did not happen as they expected. The post got almost no engagement, and only a handful of candidates applied who did not meet their requirements.

And this is not a one-off incident. We get to hear similar stories from most of our prospects regularly. If you are sailing in the same boat, then let me tell you the bitter truth. Hiring right is no easy job. It takes a lot of time and patience to build the talent pipeline.

You need to invest in building your employer brand before expecting candidates to engage and respond to your job posts. Know that giants like Amazon and Google have spent years building their employer brand before seeing the results.

So put in efforts to build your employer brand now, to reap the results later. Entice candidates just you would do for your customers. Let the candidates know that you exist and build a connection with them over time. Leverage social media to engage with your desired candidates.

Further, most small, and mid-sized companies fail to attract top talent because their HR is usually overburdened with other responsibilities like carrying onboarding programs, facilitating learning and development in the company, keeping the employees engaged, managing payroll, taking care of performance appraisal, and whatnot. With so much on their plate, HR gets exhausted when it comes to scouting the right talent.

We at Winning Edge Solutions, understand the problem area and come in as technology recruitment experts to bridge this gap. We strongly believe that finding the right resource is an art more than a science. With our deep domain knowledge built over the years, we have poised ourselves in a better position to scout the right candidate with niche technology skills. We do this by:

  • Leveraging the advanced features of social media meant for recruiters

  • Building the talent pipeline in various technologies. We constantly talk to candidates who might change jobs in the future and keep in touch with them.

  • Our dedicated recruiters work relentlessly 24 x 7 to keep the database up to date. This means when you approach us, we are already armed with a database of potential candidates. This helps you to close your hiring quickly, and you hire the right candidate.

  • We actively network with the passive candidates through various professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

  • We scout candidates from job portals like Dice and Monster.

  • Using Referrals.

Hiring the right talent is pivotal in achieving the success of your company. We at Winning Edge Solutions not just help you find the right talent, but we also save your time by screening potential candidates and coordinating the interviews. We share the best practices benchmarked in your industry, share comprehensive industry salary data so you can ensure you are at par with your offering in the industry. This comes in handy when you are trying to carve out a new role within your organization. Such insights will help you optimize your search, fix the budget, and ensure you are taking the right steps to create a successful relationship with a new hire.

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