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Great candidates are often fielding multiple offers at once.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

“My biggest problem is all good candidates are pursuing multiple opportunities simultaneously,” once said a Hiring Manager.

And yes, that is true. When a candidate puts him/her out in the job market and actively hunts for a job, he/she is applying at multiple organizations and going through several interview processes simultaneously. They would want to grab the most lucrative job offer and settle in as quickly as possible with a company with whom they have a great experience through the end-to-end hiring process.

When a candidate is deciding between multiple offers, the application, interview, and the pre-offer process is often the deciding factor, with 65% of candidates saying that a bad experience makes them lose interest in the job.

There are a few ways to ensure that a candidate receives great experience while going through the interview process. . LinkedIn research shows that the number one thing candidates want to learn during interviews is the responsibilities expected out of the role, so be sure to provide as many details as you can and answer all their questions.

Candidates also like to know about their future team, various challenges, and how they will fit in with the team, so it is worth carving out time for them to meet the people they would be working with every day. That includes a discussion with the hiring manager who might soon be his/her boss. If you can arrange some face time with senior leadership, even if it is just a courtesy call, that can also leave a lasting impression.

Once the interview is over and until you communicate your hiring decision, keep the candidate engaged. Remember, this is the most crucial period. When you’re taking your time to decide, the candidate might be receiving offer letters from company B or company C, which has a faster hiring process and thus wins the candidate over you. In the recruitment world, this is the most common occurrence and is known as snooping. To avoid falling prey to snooping, ensure there is open and clear communication with the candidate. Furnish them with details like when they can expect to hear from you. In between, send regular updates to keep up the tempo.

Whether you decide to select them or move on with other candidates, remember to create a great experience for your potential candidates. And that will help you to become an amazing employer brand in the long run.

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