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Business Process Management

Winning Edge’s Business Process Management (BPM) practice leverages our firm-wide knowledge and experience to deliver process-based solutions. Our strengths in risk and process implementations yield practical and valuable solutions for our clients in all key industries, including Financial Services, Life Sciences, Health Care, Telecommunications, Energy, and State and Local government.

Winning Edge’s methodology captures, designs, and implements processes that encompass wide-ranging client issues, particularly in Compliance and Automation. Our methodologies, and technology partnerships are the foundation to helping our clients establish their process centers of excellence.

We bring deep industry experience with a comprehensive suite of business process management services to drive value from your transformation initiative.

Business processes (BP) are at the heart of what makes or breaks a business, and what differentiates it from the competition. Business processes that deliver operational efficiency, business visibility, and agility give the enterprise the edge by enabling it to conduct business in a low cost, dynamic way, and to see change as an opportunity.

Business Process Management (BPM) refers to set of activities that are applied to redesign/alter/ implement/measure/automate and manage Business Processes and their associated activities, in order to optimize the Business Processes to meet business, operational and organizational changes. Effectiveness of the BPM has direct bearing on the very success of the business, hence Business Processes need to precisely reflect & follow the business model. Mere act of documenting business processes alone will notably improve organizational efficiency.

BPM should not be a onetime exercise. It should involve a continuous evaluation of the processes and include taking actions to improve the total flow of processes. The steps that can be recognized in BPM are:

Our Service Oriented Architecture Offerings include

  • Analyze

  • Re-design and model

  • Implement

  • Monitor

  • Manage

  • Automate

This list indicates that most of the work is trying to understand the current situation and then to design and implement a better one.

In times of crisis, to improve cost efficiency, businesses use BPM as an effective methodology to ensure process efficiency and effectiveness. BPM enable businesses to identify and keep in-house the highly profitable and core business activities, while outsourcing (BPO) the non-core and least profitable activities, thus maximize the ROI and optimizes the quality and service levels to its customers.

Our consultants can help streamline your business processes and operations; and we offer following services.

  • Deploy various methodologies to analyze the business, supporting processes and IT systems

  • Map your business processes, workflows, data flows and people – process interactions

  • Design, recommend changes & solutions

  • Ensure business functionality adherence and regulatory compliance

  • Realize operational efficiency, control variability, costs and cycle-time

  • Configuration & Change Management; Production Implementation and support

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